Tuesday, 3 September 2013


A strange game called life which we need to play everyday and every night, no matter whether we want to or not. Life comes with different set of rules and goals for every person. no two person's life is the same.
life is opposite of school. In school one first learns and then he is tested on the topics he's learned. But in life one is tested first and from that he learns.

Everything in life, no matter yours or anyone else, teaches something everyday. One learns from achievements. one learns from mistake, that what he did wrong and keeps in mind not to repeat the same mistake. Well there are always new mistakes to commit, so why repeat :D.

In life one cant live alone. Everyone needs company. For that god gifts us with a family and later we gift ourselfs with friends. Now there's no guarantee these people will always love you or will be there for you always but yes will help you move ahead in life either by love or by hatred.

In life at times you get betrayed by yours loved ones. At that time do forgive them as its only give you peace. But yes, never in future let them come close again so that they wont betray you again.

in life you need to play your best cards. and yes some times situation gets weird and out of control, but dont lose hope and keep on trying and you'll survive. just hope for the best and be prepared for the worst..

zindagi kaisi ye paheli hayee
kbhi ye hasayee
kbhi ye ruulayee

Amazingly Silly Supriya :D

Monday, 2 September 2013

Abstract thought...

jaaane kya h iss dil m kashish..
vo kyu naa smjhee is dil m h kyaa
sunaa h k aankhe bolti dil ki zubaan
kyun naa sunn ske fir vo sanam

jaane kya h iss dil m dard
vo kyu na smjhee is dil m h kyaa
kash ek din aayee aisa
sochee meri tarf se mera sanam

jaane kya h iss dil m khushi
vo kaise na smjhee is dil m h kyaa
uska saath hi bahar h
aur kuch kbhi chaha hi kaha tujse sanam

jaane kya h iss dil m aas
vo kaise na smjhee is dil m h kyaa
bas ek nazar ki chah h
bas muskra kr dekhe toh sanam

pyaar k h kitne roop
kbhi hasaye kbhi rulaye
har roop m ye lubayee
fir bhi dil humesha chahe more

Amazingly Silly Supriya :D

Friday, 30 August 2013

amazing experience on AMULYAM.com

well i have been away from my blog for a way long time. Sorry for that.
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Friday, 15 July 2011


Chocolate is the best thing made in the world. Its one thing that make me forget all my worries. Its definitely a woman’s best friend :D. it doesn’t expects anything just give a tight hug.
I simply love the feeling when it goes into my mouth and melts away. But its presence is felt for a way long time.

My favourite chocolate is SNICKERS. I just love its nuts and caramel… yummm… J
You gift me a box of snickers and I’ll be the happiest person in the world ;)

Same liking is for ice creams. Choco chip with waffles yummm… J

I all together got so hungry while posting this :D

Amazing Silly Supriya :D


Misunderstanding….  So difficult to understand. It just seems to develop on its own. It follows everyone like shadow and makes life damn difficult.
How can someone break friendship just because her friend said something to her. But actually she can’t recollect when she said that.
How can a third person become so important that one is ready to break his relations with the other just because he told ya something about it?
Why does ego become big enough to destroy those relations, those feeling?
Why can’t people just sit and sort out the matter?
Why does this small seed of doubt become so big?

Please don’t do this. It’s very difficult to find real friendship or love now days.
Preserve it.
Endure it.
Enjoy it.
And lock it in your heart.
But never let it get spoiled.
Because at the end everyone is hurt and feel sorry.

Amazingly Silly Supriya :D

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Tumse milna tha koi itefaak
Ke thi rabji ki koi maher
Ab toh lagta hai hardam
Tum ho mere aas paas

Jab chahu tum aa jatey ho
Is sheeshe mein meri rooh banke
Par jab murke dekhu
Toh kahi na tumhe pati

Janne kitney dur
Janne kitney pass
Rehtey ho merey
Dil mein tum sda

Bas yahi hai kehna aaj
Ke sapney mein akey
Na mujhe stana
Kal subah jaldi uthna hai jo mujhe

Amazingly Silly Supriya :D

(this concerns no real person. Just a wild thought J)

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Yesterday I was waiting for a friend when a really cute guy just happened to pass me and I felt like my heart just skipped a beat!
You must be wondering has this girl lost it!
How can one just happen to like or love someone just at a glance?
But the feeling, I tell you, was just amazing. I don’t know whether I would ever meet him again or even see him. But there was something which attracted me.
So was that glance enough? What about the inner beauty that everyone seeks?
Well of course the first impression is definitely the face or body language. But I have no idea how his behavior was. But I liked it and wanted to lavish the moment and suddenly from the crowd my friend appeared and I walked away with her like nothing had happen.

Now when I think about it, I realize it was definitely a bit immature way but it was cute.. way cute!!
And this is 21st century, so why talking about the first sight? People fall for the first chat…
Yes, in this world of social networking people so easily say “I LOVE YOU” just by chatting with someone for just 1 week or even less.
Well, don’t know whether such love finds its destiny or even exists but is not a very bad option right?

For now that’s all from my desk.
Live life to the fullest and don’t be afraid of falling in love….

Amazingly Silly Supriya :D